Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A windy day at the Zoo

So this post is a little old but all well I havnt posted in a while and this would be something fun to share. Feb 8th Me, Josh and Zeke loaded up and drove to meet my mom and my brother and his family in Abeline. My mom had spent the week with my brother while his wife was gone for classes for her job. She was helping out with their soon to be 3 year old daughter. We where meeting them so my mom could then spend a week with us and Abeline is about half way so it just seems like the perfect spot. Never having been to Abeline google maps was a necessity, or at least I thought. We where going to be meeting at the mall so I got directions and wrote them down so we could find it easy enough. Well first the off ramp to enter Abeline that we where suppose to take was closed for construction. Great! But following the detour signs we found our way onto the correct road. But as we where driving along we passed the Mall!! "Did we miss our exit?" "No we havnt passed it yet!" Needless to say Clack St exit is NOT the exit to the Mall no matter what google maps tells you!! Once again we have to make a detour but finally end up at our destination. EL CHICOS. We all make it, eat some ok mexican food, and have a good visit and catch up some while we ate. Zeke by the way Loves his older cousin, he was just fascinated with her. After lunch we decide the zoo would be fun to check out. And we had a lot of fun but is was SUPER WINDY! The zoo itself was small but had several good exhibits. It had a reptile building, and a fish building that you could walk through and look at the animal behind glass. It even had a small open area with birds that you could walk through (and get pooped on like my brother HA). On the outside they sold graham crackers that you could feed some of the animals. There was an area with flamingos, ducks and geese. A area with a big black bear that hung out by the wall so people would throw him a cracker or two. A Jaguar, Buffalo, rhinos, and lions where all different animals you could check out while walking around. I think the best attraction this place had was the giraffes. They had a walk way over the top of the exhibit where you could stick crackers through the bars and the giraffes would use there tongues to eat them out of your hands. Pretty cool if you ask me. Over all the zoo was very cute and if you happen to be in the Abilene area I would go check it out. We will probably go back once Zeke is a little older and can enjoy it more, and hopefully it wont be soo windy.


The Gray Gang said...

i went 2 college in A town, you should have hollered!

Alan and Karen said...

It was a fun but windy day. I really enjoyed myself. It was great to spend the day with my grandchildren.

alicia kristine said...

cute blog Sista!;)... looks like a fun trip! We are huge zoo fans and will be going often again in the spring... the season passes are totally worth it and it's a great way to visit and the kiddos have a blast!