Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Bill of Health

So yesterday I took Zeke in for a doctor visit to have him checked out due to him shaking. Dr. Marsh checked him over and said he is perfectly healthy, nothing to worry about. He told me the name of what he is doing but for the life of me I cant remember it. Started with a M though. If I remember I will let you all know. Basically when he falls asleep occasionally the nerve endings fire off causeing him to shake. It is the same thing that makes you jerk when you are about to fall asleep. He said it may or may not go away. So that is a HUGE releif. I am glad I took him in and had him checked out. Thank you everyone for all your prayers!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Ok so being a mom when your child does something not normal it is very startling and very scary. Wed. at Zeke's 1:00 feeding I was holding him in my arms and feeding him his bottle. He started to fall asleep, which he sometimes does. Thinking I could get him to eat more if I let him sleep for about 15 minutes I let him. Well a few seconds later he started shaking. His head and his arms where just shaking. This lasted 10 to 15 seconds. Let me tell you that was the scarriest 10 to 15 seconds of my life. So crying I call the doctor but being Wed. my doctors office closes early so I get a hold of the on call nurse, I tell her what happened. She calls Dr. Marsh and then calls me back saying not to worry about it, it doesnt sound like anything more than just a baby with a immature nervous system but if he does it again let them know. Soo today about 10:30 I was holding him to get him to go to sleep for him morning nap when he did it again. Once again right after he falls asleep and shakes for 10 to 15 seconds. After it happens he is just fine, but as for me I am a wreck. So I am going to be taking him in on Monday to have him checked out. I found a couple of sites on the internet that other mothers had the exact same thing happen to them and thier doctors said it was due to an immature nervous system. So I am praying that that is all that it is. Im really scared and very nervous so just keep me in your prayers! It is the worse thing in the world to be holding your precious little baby and have him shaking and there is nothing you can do about it and you have no clue why it is happening!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Homecomeing, Disapointments, and Lack of Sleep, what a way to spend a weekend!

Have you ever been looking forward to something so much that it is all you can think about then at the very last minute it blows up in your face! Well that was my last weekend. OSU's Homecoming was Oct 18th and me and some other friends had planed on meeting in Stillwater to hang out for the day. Let me tell you I was ever so excited about this. I loved my years in Stillwater mainly due to my friends there and the memories we made together and the thought of being able to hang out with some of them again just pleased me to no end. Me and Josh had planed on driving up to Oklahoma and spending the weekend with family and friends. Well at the last minute our friend that has the only house in Stillwater where we where all going to hang out at decided to go to the game leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves. Well not having anywhere to go and not wanting to bum around Stillwater with nothing to do I was rather upset with the change of plans. And yes I did shed quit a bit of tears over it. But it wasnt a total bust of a trip. I was able to meet up with one of my old roommates and we where able to hang out for a while, but like me her plans where all screwed up by the change as well. Getting to atleast see her was a bright spot in my weekend. Since it was Homecoming weekend I had packed a lot of OSU clothes for Zeke so over the course of the weekend I was also able to get some really good pictures.

Zeke enjoying his new Bumbo

It also didnt help matters that I hadnt really gotten to sleep in about 3 nights. Zeke has recently learned that he loves rolling from his back to his tummy. Though rolling from his tummy to his back he has decided that he doesnt like doing. So when he rolls onto his tummy he then starts to complain that he is on his tummy and doesnt like it! This mainly occures at night..Roll onto tummy..relize he doesnt like it...complain till mom comes and rolls him over. The other irritating part of this is that while he is on his tummy and unhappy he buries his head into his mattress. He doesnt turn his head to the side to complain or to BREATH no he puts it straight down into the mattress and leaves it there. And let me tell you how much this terrifies me! It is like he is trying to sufficate himself..SO with him complaining, me having to get up to roll him over and also the fear of his sufficating himself...I havnt slept much. So last night I placed a throw pillow on his bed next to him so he couldnt roll over and that seemed to work really well. Yeah I know everyone says dont put pillows in the crib with them but I am at my wits ends on trying to think of a way to help him since he is bound and determined not to roll back over himself. And believe me I have tried leaving him there to see if he would do it himself...Oh no...he just lays there with his head in the mattress complaining..it is really quite pathetic. And I know that I am being over protective and over reacting but I just cant help it! Hopefully soon he will pick up that he should roll himself over and I will once again be able to sleep at night!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big weekend for Zeke

So this weekend was a huge weekend for Zeke in baby development milestones. For any of you who know me you know that I call Zeke a Lazy Baby. He just doesnt like using his neck muscles for anything, and he especially hated Tummy Time. But even though he hated it we gave it to him everyday. And everyday we got more and more discouraged, he just wouldnt do anything. He wouldnt lift his head or atleast try to...He would just lay there and cry. So FINALLY Sunday after noon he was laying on his back and he rolled over onto his tummy. Which he also had recently started doing. Well this time instead of starting to cry it was like some CLICKED in his head. He raised his head and chest up and put his arms under him and just sat there looking at me and Josh like LOOK WHAT I CAN DO...ARENT YOU PROUD! Needless to say we where extreamly proud and so full of joy!! Now he loves tummy time ( well till he gets tired), and we cant seem to keep him on his back anymore. Funny how things like that work. Now we are moving on to rolling back over from our tummy to our back!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A small intro

Let me start by introducing ourselves. We are the Hicks Family, I guess you could say the name is very fitting since we are both small town country kids. After getting married May of 2005 Josh got a job in Texas, and through a lot of tears we moved there. After being married for two years my "mommy time clock" went off and June of this year we had our first child. A handsome little boy named Ezekiel. My name is Rachyl and I will be the author of this blogspot. I've never written a blog so right now I just feel stupid typing out my thoughts so random people can read them. Mostly cause my thinking is why would anyone really care what is going on in my world. My life is simple but happy, and for the most part not very exciting except when Zeke surprises us with rolling over or the newest baby babble that he has learned. Thanks for checking in and I will try to keep this updated on the going ons of the Hicks!