Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Big weekend for Zeke

So this weekend was a huge weekend for Zeke in baby development milestones. For any of you who know me you know that I call Zeke a Lazy Baby. He just doesnt like using his neck muscles for anything, and he especially hated Tummy Time. But even though he hated it we gave it to him everyday. And everyday we got more and more discouraged, he just wouldnt do anything. He wouldnt lift his head or atleast try to...He would just lay there and cry. So FINALLY Sunday after noon he was laying on his back and he rolled over onto his tummy. Which he also had recently started doing. Well this time instead of starting to cry it was like some CLICKED in his head. He raised his head and chest up and put his arms under him and just sat there looking at me and Josh like LOOK WHAT I CAN DO...ARENT YOU PROUD! Needless to say we where extreamly proud and so full of joy!! Now he loves tummy time ( well till he gets tired), and we cant seem to keep him on his back anymore. Funny how things like that work. Now we are moving on to rolling back over from our tummy to our back!!


Lindsay said...

Remember not to pressure him so. It's not good for them. Zeke isn't lazy...just his own person. He'll do things in his own time. Enjoy this time where he can't get around so easy. It only gets harder, my dear Rachyl.

Pennie and Colby Langford said...

YAY!!! So excited for you!
I can just imagine how you felt!
I am in the stage of "can't wait till the umbilical cord falls off"!
We are so funny!
Miss you guys!