Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Good Bill of Health

So yesterday I took Zeke in for a doctor visit to have him checked out due to him shaking. Dr. Marsh checked him over and said he is perfectly healthy, nothing to worry about. He told me the name of what he is doing but for the life of me I cant remember it. Started with a M though. If I remember I will let you all know. Basically when he falls asleep occasionally the nerve endings fire off causeing him to shake. It is the same thing that makes you jerk when you are about to fall asleep. He said it may or may not go away. So that is a HUGE releif. I am glad I took him in and had him checked out. Thank you everyone for all your prayers!


Colby, Pennie, and Cade Langford said...

i am so glad to hear this.
i have been checking your blog like every hour to see if you had updated it.
thank god.

Alexis said...

wahoo! praise God!

Rayzer81 said...

I appreciate everyone's prayers! it was very scary for me and I dont know if I will ever get use to it! I am just happy that he is a healthy little man!