Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Home for the Holidays

Thanksgiving is always a very busy time for our family. Normally we make the drive up to Oklahoma the day before Thanksgiving then spend Thanksgiving with either mine or Josh's parents then get up the next day to drive to the other parents to spend a day then load up the car and drive back home. Wow I am just exhausted just thinking about that! So this year since we have little man now Josh decided to take two days of vacation so we could have the whole week to spend with family! Let me tell you that was so nice! We left the Saturday before and drove to Josh's parents. We where able to stay 5 days instead of the 1.5 days we normally get. It was so nice to Zeke get to interact with his grandparents and see how much joy he brings to everyone!
Monday we let the Grandparents baby sit while me and Josh drove to the city to meet up with some friends we hadnt seen in awhile. We ate at Ted's. I had heard for years how awesome Ted's was...Ted's this and Ted's that but I had never gotten a chance to eat there. UNTIL THEN. It was a joyous occasion that I had to document! HA. In all honesty the food was good, but not the best but what was so joyous about it was they give you salsa, chips, queso, and tortilla all before the meal! I know!!! Then after your meal they give you free shopailias for dessert! So all in all I was pleased with my first Ted's experence!

If you didnt know apparently fried chicken is a big deal in the Hicks family. I dont really get it, to me it is just greesy and bad for you but to my husbands family is a exciting time and a big ta-do. And usally when all the grandkids are around grandma Bertha makes everyone fried chicken, mashed potatos and gravy. My arteries are clogging just thinking about it! OI!!!! Well after eating and eating for 5 days we loaded up the car and heading to my parents house to spend the next 5 days eating there. HA.

Going home is always so much for me, I really dont know why, the town I grew up in isnt much and my family lives out in the country but for me it is so relaxing and just peaceful there. I cant wait till Zeke gets older and is able to go explore in the woods and see all the site from where I grew up. Im sure Josh feels the same way about his home.
Friday my parents got to watch Zeke while me and Josh went on a date (which was wonderful). My parents had a great time showing around the yard and yes my dad even had to let him sit on the 4 wheeler.. probably a good thing I wasnt there HA.
Saturday was the long awaited bedlam game OSU vs OU. So me and Zeke supported out team by wearing our Orange and Black. But sadly we where not able to win. With every touch down we made OU would come back with one themselves. We also made some fatel errors that eventually caust us the game. Never the less I will continue to where my colors with pride. We had an excellent season and I cant wait till next year. GO POKES BEAT OU!!!


Lindsay said...

Glad you had so much fun with the families. Too bad about the ball game...we were pulling for OU to lose too. We bleed orange too...but the burnt kind.

Colby, Pennie, and Cade Langford said...

he's getting so big!!
he's so adorable. i just want to squeeze him!!
i even like him in that HORRIBLE orange! go horns!! HAHAHAHAHAHA
just kidding, he's cute no matter what he's wearing!
miss ya

Alison, Jake and Addison Bean said...

I have no ties to any color yet but it seems like orange is quite popular here! How long until I have to take sides? :)

Rayzer81 said...

well you must realize my Orange is VERY different from the Texas orange...My Orange is bright and vibrant, not dull and faded like the Texas one! HA

The Gray Gang said...

oh my word, he is so big! i can't wait to see how he's grown. miss seeing you guys! sorry a visit didn't fit in before the trip. you're welcome 2 come by anytime...otherwise maybe we'll see you next tues.

Alan and Karen said...

I am so glad you enjoy coming home. We sure love having you here. I can't wait for Zeke to get old enough to explore the woods. The Bluffs, the pretty rocks, the picnic spot, and the spook walk trail. Maybe he will want to spend the night at the campsite. Love you much!

Laura said...

You'd never been to Ted's? How is that? :)

Rayzer81 said...

every time all of us from Stilly would be thinking about places to eat someone always said TEDS but then it was followed by WE WILL HAVE TO WAIT...followed by THEN LETS GO SOMEWHERE ELSE